Case Study
The Problem:
When I began volunteering at Bethel Cathedral of Hope, Liberia, West 
Africa serving as the Media Consultant it was a time of reorganizing the 

As was, many of the volunteers had worked autonomously and were given 
this new directive to come under a leadership team. The positive aspect of 
this was the ingrained strong sense of community in the church.

Team and Role:
A native of Indiana, yet inhabiting the country for a number of years and 
sensitized to the cultural norms, I was part of the leadership team that led 
all facets of design across all marketing and promotion campaigns.

Design Process:
We began by determining who was our audience and what did we want to 
communicate to that audience. Many of the church members at the time 
were just beginning to use Social Media. We believed that the Pastor 
messages needed to be made available as well by blogging using 
WordPress and video recordings posted to YouTube. A suggestion was 
made to develop a church app to access all of the churches online activities 
in one convenient application.

The church is part of a worldwide ministry. All Social Media pages needed 
to reflect the culture of headquarters yet with leverage for individuality. 

Our suggestions and changes created and developed by the Team were 
well received. We grew and developed into a team that believed we could 
accomplish  much. 

As a result of this experience, I learned that strategic small steps of change 
are more pliable for a solid team. 

An example of my work there: 

Bethel World Outreach newly formed diocese in Bethel Liberia/Guinea 
Diocese appointed Rev. Dr. M. Wolo Belleh to the bishopric. His 
appointment included Guinea. He wanted a Facebook cover page that 
would speak to the significance of this position. 
Launched in August 2010, Liberia Women Democracy Radio (LWDR) is a 
community radio station based in Monrovia, Liberia that focuses on raising 
the voices of women and increasing women's access to information. One of 
the many programs they host was the Girls Media Frontier. It was a three 
month program where young women interested in media were taught the 
various aspects of news reporting. The Facebook page created showcased 
the talent and skills of the young ladies involved as well as serving as a 
vehicle of encouragement.
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