Let us help you with your online event 
from start to finish.
* Assist you with your Hopin and Zoom meetings, webinars, breakout rooms, polls, surveys. 
* Set up and organize your email campaigns along with your Social Media posts. 
* Create a strategy for sending your invitation letters. 
* Design your email flyers, and posts for social media.
* Keep your speakers motivated until the event. 
* Utilize Eventbrite in your promotions. 
* Integrate OBS into your Zoom event as well as design your promo videos. 
* Live stream your event to Facebook and YouTube.
* Create an edited and final copy to upload to your YouTube channel.

We have experience with Hopin and Zoom virtual event platforms.

Enhance your digital presence with a unique set of 60 seconds shorts to promote your organization. There is a whole series of things we can do when we consider the person on the other side of marketing. 

Achieve More With Video
Use video to share customer testimonials and encourage donations for your non profit. 
Currently, due to the pandemic, videos are taking a more creative direction. We are prepared to address your virtual video needs utilizing all of the technology available. Let us help. Give us a call. 317.659.0115
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