Case Study:

The Problem:
Founded in 2008, one of the goals of the Indianapolis Monumental 
Marathon is educating Indianapolis youth about the benefits of exercise, proper diet and healthy living. James Russell Lowell School #51 had never participated in this event.  

Encouraged by the principal, the gym teacher and I formed a group of kids who wanted to train for the race as well as learn about the benefits of exercise, proper diet and healthy living. We had 17 kids, 6 boys and 11 girls. 

Our Vision:
Our vision was to complete the 5K and lay the foundation for future teams to emerge from the school. Parents, teachers and students were encouraged in health & fitness, team work, school pride and commitment and discipline to complete a goal. 
We began videotaping our practices.
A day before the race, one of the 6th grade runners, Tayshawn White, playing with my Ipad as we chatted around my desk created, what became the background music of the video, a song using Garage Band.  We recorded, I edited and produced a video for the school archives, parents who wanted a copy were emailed a copy. We also sent a copy to all teachers for viewing their class. Parents of team members viewed the film at our own celebration party. 
We hope the legacy will continue.
I learned from this experience to use my own camera to preserve footage. One of the female students I was mentoring in videography accidentally erased all the practice footage.
​​​​​​​The video:

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